This website is developed by Ontreat Pvt. Ltd. With the current scenario of the ongoing outbreak which has caused an adverse effect in the increasing death rate of many people.


The objective of this website is to provide live data of around the world regarding the total cases confirmed, number of deaths and total recovered cases according to their countries.  The site helps to foresee the impact of COVID-19. Also, we publish news articles related to COVID-19 from different countries.


It took almost one week to build the fully fledged running website from scratch. We are the team who are continuously working remotely on this site to make it approachable to worldwide audiences for social awareness and voluntary purpose.


Trackcovid-19 is a voluntary website to provide the contribution to the local and international society by giving the useful and essential data and updates during this pandemic situation which the world is facing currently.


For the trackcovid-19 data, we collect live data from mainly two websites worldometer and ncov2019. They are the most trusted free reference websites which are run by an international team of developers, researchers, and volunteers with the goal of making world statistics available to a wide audience around the world. 


Our website is totally built using django (a python web framework) as the main component and supported by many frontend technologies as well as server-side technologies to maintain its integrity through the whole time from the deployment of the site .


Our website provides the live updates data of records and  cases from almost each and every country from the world. Users can easily access the live data of their native country as well as of other countries in various forms like tabular data, graphical geo-charts. We provide facility to other users to embed the live data from our website. Since timely updates are made, latest updates and news can be seen as well. Also, we publish different news articles from discrete news portals of different countries.